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Camp FAQs:
Preparing for Camp
I need the packing checklist and/or health form?
Click here to download the Camper Information Packet including your packing checklist. The health form is completed online via your Camper's Home Page. There is a Physician's Page that must be signed by the camper's physician, and, for camper's bringing any medications with them to camp, a Medication Administration Authorization Form for each medication must be completed as well.
How much storage space is underneath the bunk beds?
There is at least 12 inches between the floor and the underside of the lower bunk bed.
What sports equipment should I bring?
You may want to bring the equipment for any of the activities below that you have requested. You can find out which of your preferences you have been scheduled for by logging into your family's account on the Thursday before you arrive at camp.

- Field Hockey: stick, shinguard, and mouthguard
- Horseback Lessons: long pants (jeans are fine) and shoes with a heel. Riding helmets are provided. If you have your own riding helmet, breeches, jodhpurs or riding boots, you can bring them too.
- Lacrosse: mouthguard
- Outdoor Living Skills: sleeping bag for overnight campout
- Soccer: shinguards, mouthguard, and outdoor soccer shoes

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT - the camp has the basic equipment for the following activities, but if you prefer to bring your own, you may.
- Fishing: rod and tackle box
- Guitar: acoustic guitar and pick (no electric guitars please)
- Tennis: racquet
When can I find out my schedule of instructional activities?
You can log into your family's account and go to your Camper's Home Page on the Thursday before your session begins.
May I repeat an instructional activity if I'm coming for multiple weeks?
We want campers to be exposed to lots of activities at camp. And, since the classes are the same each week, it would be repetitive for many of the classes to take the same class twice in most cases. For example, in crafts class, you would end up making the same crafts twice in a summer.

Although you cannot be scheduled in advance to repeat an activity during the summer, you can make changes to your schedule upon the Sunday of your arrival to repeat a class from a prior session if space is available.
What time is drop-off on Sunday? What time is pickup on Friday? Can I pick my child up early on Friday?
Arrival time for Sunday registration is from 3:45 PM to 5:00 PM. The security gate at the camp entrance will not open until 3:30 PM. PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE EARLY. You will not be permitted to wait outside the gate when it is closed. So as not to cause a traffic hold-up along Route 272, early arrivals will need to turn around and drive back towards town. Camp is 10 minutes from the quaint little town of North East. If you find yourself ahead of schedule, please enjoy some time in North East rather than arriving early, only to be forced to turn back around at the camp gate.

For pickup on Fridays, all parents are invited to attend our closing ceremony at 4:00 PM. Plan to arrive no sooner than 3:45 PM if you would like to watch the closing ceremony. Please do not arrive earlier than 3:45 PM as the gate will be closed. It is NOT permitted to wait at the camp entrance or alongside the road near camp. Campers will be ready to depart at 4:45 PM. Traffic can be heavy on Friday afternoons, so please plan accordingly.

If you need to pickup your child early on Friday, you must do so during lunch. You may not pickup campers between lunch and the end of the closing ceremony. If you live in the DC area and you would like to have your camper transported to a central location in the DC-Baltimore area, you can use our Friday dropoff service.
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