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Camp FAQs:
History, Accreditation, and Affiliations
How long has the camp been operating?
The property has been a camp for over 60 years. It is under it's current ownership since 1990, and the current program has been running since 1995 under the direction of Kathy Ann and Greg Joseph.
Is the camp accredited? Is the camp licensed?
Yes, Sandy Hill Camp is an ACA (American Camp Association) accredited camp.
Sandy Hill Camp is also a licensed youth camp in the state of Maryland.  We also hold numerous county and state licenses for the pool, beach, stable, kitchens, conference center and camp.
How many campers are there each week?
There are approximately 450 campers and 160 staff on site during each week.
Is the camp affiliated with or owned by a larger organization?
No, the camp is family owned and operated and is not associated with any other organizations.
Does Sandy Hill serve campers with special needs?
Sandy Hill Camp strives to provide a positive camp experience for children with various needs whenever possible. However, Sandy Hill does not provide programs that are rehabilitative or therapeutic in nature, and does not specialize in serving children with special needs, including children with severe emotional, social, or behavioral difficulties. Campers must be able to properly care for their own hygiene, live cooperatively with other campers and staff, and actively participate in the camp's daily activities. Campers cannot have a condition which, in the judgment of the camp, is beyond the camp's capability to provide proper care or poses an unreasonable threat to or adversely affects the physical or emotional health or safety of themselves, other campers, or staff.

Sandy Hill Camp reserves the right to refuse enrollment or cancel the reservation of any camper. If your camper has special needs, please call the office before you register your camper to discuss whether or not the Sandy Hill Camp program is appropriate to meet the specific needs of your child. Your honest disclosure of information about your child's needs is important in determining if Sandy Hill Camp is a fit for your child.
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