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Camp FAQs:
The Registration Process
How do I sign up for camp?
Registration for camp is done through our online registration system. You are able to instantly reserve a space for your camper and pay the required deposit with a Visa or MasterCard. Click here to register online.
Can I register without using the online registration system?
We do not accept paper applications. If you cannot register online, please call the office at (410) 287-5554 to make alternative arrangements.
How do I find out which programs are still available?
Click here for the latest information on availability. This is the same information that we can see in the camp office and is accurate as of the time stamp at the bottom of the availability page.
What does JV and Varsity mean?
One-week sessions are divided into two sections by grade. The younger section is called "JV" (short for Junior Varsity), and it is made up of campers who will have finished 2nd through 5th grades by the summer of 2019. The "Varsity" section is made up of campers that have completed 6th to 10th grade. All one-week campers (JV and Varsity) will eat in the same seating, but their instructional activities, electives, free time, and cabins are separate.
Can I pay my final balance due by May 1st online or over the phone?
Online - yes. Fax or phone - no.You can pay your final balance online by credit card (a $15 convenience fee per camper applies). To pay online, login to your camper's home page and choose the link for "pay balance online." To avoid the online convenience fee, you can pay by check or money order through the mail. Payments by check must be postmarked by May 1st.

Partial payments cannot be accepted via the online payment system but can be accepted by check or money order.

For security reasons, credit card payments cannot be taken verbally over the phone or by fax.
The session I want is full. How can I get on a waiting list? How do the waiting lists work? How/when will I know if I got in?
We are taking online applications for waiting lists for those sessions that are already full (red on the availability charts). To get on a waiting list, you must complete an online applicationThere is no fee for being on a waiting list nor is any credit card information required. Indicate any and all sessions that you are interested in attending. We cannot take registrations or hold spots over the phone.

As spaces become available (due to cancellations), the next name on the waiting list is called and offered the space. If you are the one to receive the call, you can accept or decline the offer. If you accept, you will go online and "complete" your registration by paying the deposit online (see refund and cancellation policy). You can decline the offer for any reason with no penalty. We simply call the next name on the waiting list. An additional advantage of being on the wait list in 2019 is that even if you do not get into camp, you will be in the first batch of people to receive the 2020 registration information the following fall because you will be considered a "returning camper."

Your name stays on a waiting list until the day that that session begins. You can remove yourself from a waiting list by calling or emailing the office.
What are the chances of getting into camp from a waiting list?
Getting in from a waiting list is based solely on cancellations. Cancellations are unknown, random, and unpredictable events that occur at any time up to and including the arrival day at camp. On average, there were 5-6 cancellations for each Varsity and two-week session per gender. There are historically only about half as many cancellations for JV campers per session. For example, in week 5 of 2018, there were 5 cancellations for Varsity girls. Because we allow people to sign up on multiple waiting lists (more weeks than they are interested in coming), the number that you are down on the waiting list is actually a little inflated. For example, you may be fifth on the week 3 Varsity female traditional camp waiting list. A spot opens in week 2 for someone who is on both the week 2 and week 3 wait lists. They accept the spot in week 2 and so their name comes off of the week 2 and week 3 lists. You are now fourth on the Varsity female traditional camp wait list even though no spots actually opened up in week 3. 

SUMMARY - Our rule of thumb is...
For a Varsity or Two-week session, if you are in the top 5 on the wait list, you stand a very high probability of getting in due to cancellations.
If you are in the top 10 on the wait list, it is probably about a 50/50 chance. Much beyond 10, the chances start to get pretty slim. 

For a JV session, if you are in the top 2-3 on the wait list, you stand a very high probability of getting in due to cancellations. If you are in the top 5-6 on the wait list, it is probably about a 50/50 chance. Much beyond 6, the chances start to get pretty slim.

Last summer, many sessions had more than 10 campers on a wait list. Because there is no risk associated with being on a waiting list, we strongly encourage you to get on as many lists as you could possibly attend. Then cross your fingers, and we'll hope to be in touch with you with some good news!

As a courtesy to others, if your plans change such that you are no longer interested in being on a particular session's waiting list, please call or email the office and let us know so that we can remove you from that session's wait list.
How many waiting lists can I be on?
As many as you like. We want you to be able to get into camp, and if your summer schedule is flexible enough to be on multiple waiting lists, then go for it! As a courtesy to others, we do ask that if you make other plans such that you can no longer come to a session for which you are on a waiting list, please call or email the office and let us know so that we can remove you from that session's wait list.
It looks like the program I want is full, and I'm not interested in being on a waiting list.
How and when can I sign up for next summer?
If you are on a waiting list for this year or if you have attended Sandy Hill Camp in the past, you are already on the mailing list. You will be eligible for early registration for 2020. Registration for returning campers and their siblings usually begins on November 15th. If you choose not to go on a waiting list for 2019, please send us your name and address to be added to our mailing list for 2020. Being on the mailing list will ensure that you get the mailings in the fall of 2019 for summer 2020.
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