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Camp FAQs:
Cabinmate Requests
What is the camp's philosophy on cabinmate requests?
Remember that old song, "Make new friends, but keep the old." Our philosophy is to balance the opportunity to meet new people with the comfort of being with friends. So, we do honor cabinmate requests, but our policy tries to make sure that no more than half of the campers in a cabin know each other before they arrive to camp.

We have an online system for requesting cabinmates. There are typically 8 or 9 campers in a one-week cabin. Up to four one-week campers can request to be together. For two-week campers, the lodge rooms accomodate 9-11 campers. So, up to five two-week campers can request to be together. Campers who are on a Cabinmate Request List together are guaranteed to be in the same cabin.

When assigning cabins, multiple "lists" of campers of similar age and different geographic areas are put together to fill a cabin. Campers who are not coming with friends are grouped into cabins with at least two other campers who are also not coming with friends.
What is a Cabinmate Request List? Do I have to have one?
A Cabinmate Request List is a list of campers that want to be together in a cabin. Cabinmate Request Lists must be made up of campers who are in the same section of camp (JV, Varsity, or Two-week) and who are in the same grade or within one grade of each other. For one-week campers, there are 8-9 campers per cabin and Cabinmate Request Lists can have up to 4 campers. For two-week cabins, there are 9-10 campers and Cabinmate Request Lists can have up to 5 campers.

Singles are folks who come to camp not knowing anyone or who choose not to be placed with campers that they know so that they can maximize their chances of meeting new people and making new friends. Many campers come as singles, so campers certainly do not have to be on a Cabinmate Request List. For any cabin with singles, there will always be at least 3 singles in that cabin.

When we put requested cabinmates together in cabins, we try to have the groups and singles be from different geographic locations so that campers have a chance to meet people from different areas than their own.
Is it guaranteed that all of the people on my Cabinmate Request List will be together in a cabin?
Yes. As long as you meet the criteria for being together in a cabin listed below, you are guaranteed to be together.

Remember that we don't actually finalize cabin assignments until a few days before you arrive at camp. You'll be able to see your cabin assignment on the Thursday before you arrive at camp using your Camper's Home Page.
How do I get on, change or create a Cabinmate Request List?
After you have registered for camp, the easiest place to join, create or make changes to your cabinmate requests is from your Camper Home Page. You can access your camper home page after you have logged in using the Log In button above.

Once you've gotten to your Camper Home Page, click on the gray button labeled "Cabinmate Requests."
Do I have to figure out my cabin request list during registration or can I do it later?
No, you do not have to figure out your cabinmate requests during registration. After you've registered, you can access this section any time you like from your Campers Home Page. You can make changes to your request up until June 1st.
Who can I be in a cabin with?
You can be in a cabin with anyone who wants to be with you and who meets the following criteria. All members of a Cabinmate Request List must:
  • Be in the same camp session - remember that two-week campers and one-week campers cannot be together in a cabin.
  • Be in the same section of camp - JV (currently in 2nd to 5th grade), Varsity (currently in 6th to 10th grade), or Two-week
  • Be the same gender :-)
  • Be in the same grade or within one grade in school. Remember that cabinmate request lists can only span two grades in total. So, for example, a 3rd grade JV male can be with a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th grade JV male in general. But, that same 3rd grader cannot be with both a 2nd and a 4th grader. Why? Because a Cabinmate Request List can span no more than two grades.
  • What if more than 4 one-weekers or 5 two-weekers want to be together in a cabin?
    Then you will need to break up the larger list into multiple smaller lists of 4 or fewer. For example, a group of 6 one-week campers can break up into a list of 3 and 3, 4 and 2, or 3 lists of 2.

    Cabinmate Request Lists
    cannot request to be put together with other Cabinmate Request Lists unless the two lists would fill an entire cabin (8 or 9) or lodge room (9 or 10). In other words, now that a list of 6 has split into two lists of 3, the two lists of 3 cannot request to be together so as to recreate the list of 6 again. If you are interested in filling an entire cabin/lodge room, please contact the office for assistance.
    My friend isn't signed up for camp yet. How can I hold a space on my list for them?
    You can hold spaces in a list by "locking" a list. Lists can be locked and unlocked at any time by anyone who is already a part of the list.

    For example, if you and one friend are already in camp and are both on the same list, then you are currently a list of 2. Lock your list until your second friend gets in. Once the second friend is confirmed into your camp session, you can unlock your list to let them in. If you want, you can then lock your list of 3.
    Can I make changes to my requests? Until when?
    Yes. You can remove yourself from a list and/or join another list as many times as you like. You can change your requests up until 14 days before you are scheduled to arrive at camp.

    You cannot remove other people from your list or add other people to your list. You can only change the list that you are on. If you want to change who is on your list, you can remove yourself from a list and create a new one. Then you can lock/unlock it as necessary so that those you want to join you will be able to do so.
    What do I do if someone joins my list that I don't want to be with?
    You can remove yourself from that list and create and/or choose another list. If necessary, you can "lock" your new list so that other people cannot join your new list.
    How can I add myself to a list that is locked?
    If a list is locked, you cannot join that list until it is unlocked. Any current member of the list can login and unlock the list so that you can get on it. You will need to be able to contact one of the existing members of the list so that they can unlock it for you. To protect our campers' private information, Sandy Hill will not provide contact other campers information for to you to do this. We assume that if you want to be together, you will have the friend's contact information.
    Who can "unlock" a list?
    Any current member of a cabin request list can lock and unlock a list from their Camper Home Page.

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